Programming in C

5 Hours

Strengthen your fundamentals in C Programming. Basic knowledge of Computers sufficient for enrolling.

Designed by
Dr. Munish Jindal (Asst. Prof. Dept. of CSE, MRSPTU, Bathinda) (M.E., Ph.D., UGC-NET, GATE)

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Course Overview


Who is this course for?

Students and Coding Enthusiasts from all backgrounds. Professionals with a basic understanding of computers who are interested in upskilling in C Programming.

Potential Jobs for C Programmer

Full Stack Developer, Software Engineer, C/C++ Analyst,Web Developer

Every computer-literate student today, across all industries, and even from non-technical backgrounds should know C, the fundamental programming language as a key entry point for a flourishing career. Learning C isimperative as a strong base.

-Dr. Munish Jindal (Asst. Prof. Dept. of CSE, MRSPTU, Bathinda)

Course Modules

5 hours

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  • Introduction and Basic structure
  • Introduction to C and Requirements
  • Basic structure of a C Program
  • Basic syntax, Variables and data types
  • Syntax of C
  • Variables and Data Types in C
  • Operators in C
  • Operators in C (Part-1)
  • Operators in C (Part-2)
  • Format Specifiers & Escape sequences
  • Format Specifiers & Escape sequences

  • If /Else control statements
  • Decision making in C & If Else control statements in C
  • If Else control statements in C Part-2
  • Switch case control statements
  • Switch Case control statements in C
  • Loops
  • Loops in C (Part-1)
  • Loops in C (Part-2)
  • Break, continue and goto statements
  • Break & Continue Statements
  • Goto Statements

  • Functions
  • Functions in C (Part-1)
  • Functions in C (Part-2)
  • Recursive Functions
  • Arrays
  • Arrays in C (Part-1)
  • Arrays in C (Part-2)
  • Pointers
  • Pointers in C
  • Array & Pointer Arithmetic
  • Call by Value
  • Call by Reference

  • Strings
  • Strings in C
  • String Functions in C
  • Structures
  • Structures
  • Typedef in C
  • Unions
  • Unions in C

  • Dynamic Memory Allocation
  • Memory Layout of C-programs
  • Dynamic Memory Allocation (Part-1)
  • Dynamic Memory Allocation (Part-2)
  • Storages Classes
  • Storages Classes in C

Certificate of Completion

Simplified Course Content

5+ Module wise Assignments

Core Concepts

Know Your Mentor

Dr. Munish Jindal did his Mastersin Computer Science Engineering from Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, Patiala. Currently the Assistant Professorin the Department of Computational Sciences at MRSPTU, Munish pursues Character, Handwriting & Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning as his Research Interests. He has authored 2 books with over 150 of his research articles having been published in prestigiousinternational journals. His research articles have garnered over 2250 citations on Google Scholar.

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